• Advantages And Disadvantages Of Crop Rotation In Agriculture
    What Is Crop Rotation In Agriculture? Crop rotation is a popular technique in agriculture that involves planting different crops on the same land in a specific manner to maximize benefits and minimize drawbacks By rotating crops, farmers can prevent soil nutrient depletion, reduce disease and pest interferences, and achieve higher productivity. However, like any agricultural…
  • Does Hilling Potatoes Increase Yield?
    Does Hilling Potatoes Increase Yield? Yes, hilling potatoes can increase yield by helping them grow bigger and stronger. Hilling involves covering the potato plant stem with soil as it grows, keeping it moist and protected from the sun. This practice helps with vine development and creates more stem area for the flower and bud clusters….
  • What Is The Best Fertilizer For Onions?
    What Is The Best Fertilizer For Onions? Onions require proper fertilization for optimal growth and bulb development. Applying fertilizer at the right time and in the correct ratio of nutrients is crucial. Fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are essential for onion growth. A balanced fertilizer NPK (10-20-10) is recommended at planting to establish a…
  • Shangi Potato Seeds Price In Kenya; Where To Buy Shangi Potato Seeds
    Shangi Potato Seeds Price In Kenya Prices for certified potato seed tubers from approved merchants have typically ranged from around 2,500-4,000 Kenyan Shillings (about $20-35 USD) per 50kg bag. Potato seed prices can vary based on factors like variety, quantity, location, and time of year. Some general points about potato seeds/tubers in Kenya: But pricing…

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