Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide -1Ltr

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Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide -1Ltr

The Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide is a selective herbicide designed for maize crops, offering both pre and early post-emergence control of weeds. It contains active ingredients like metalachlor, terbuthylazine, and mesotrione.

 This herbicide is effective against emerged broadleaf weeds, grasses (including shamva and wheat), and nut grass.

 It is recommended for use in maize farming to control insect pests like the Fall armyworm, suppress weeds, and manage diseases. 

It is advised to conduct a nutrient analysis before planting maize, with specific recommendations for nutrient inputs such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen at different stages of growth.

The active ingredients in Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide are metalachlor, terbuthylazine, and mesotrione

Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide



Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide -1Ltr

Maximus Mode of Action:

Maximus 537.5 SE acts by blocking the function of the essential plant enzyme and is taken up by the roots, shoots and leaves of weed seedlings. It also inhibits cell division, elongation and photosynthesis.

Chemical group: Mesotrione: Benzoylcyclohexane-1, 3-dione; S-metolachlor: Chloroacetanilide and Terbuthylazine: Triazine

The rate of use is 300ml/20L; 3L/Ha