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  • escort insecticide price in kenya


    KSh 550.00


    Escort is an effective insecticide containing a unique way of getting rid of insects by disrupting the feeding process thereby controlling even the most resistant insect streams, with prolonged activity.

    Escort Active Ingredient

    Emamectin Benzoate 19g/l

    Escort Target pest

    • Caterpillar
    • Thrips
    • Spider mites
    • Diamond black
    • Fall worms

    Target crops

    • Roses
    • French beans
    • Cabbage
    • Capsicum
    • Onions
    • Tomatoes
    • Maize (corn and baby corn)
    • Cauliflower
    • Kales

    Benefits of Escort 19EC

    • Great quality of crops that ensure profitability
    • Broad spectrum protection against numerous plant-feeding insects
    • Fast and effective, works within 40 minutes after application

    Application technique

    Foliar spraying

    Rate of Application

    Mix 400ml/ha into 1000 litres of water (when spraying on roses, french beans, cabbage, onions and capsicum fields)

    Mix 300 to 400ml/ha into 1000 litres of water (when spraying tomatoes)

    Mix 500ml/ha into 400 litres of water (when spraying maize fields)


    Available in the following sizes;

    • 1 Litre


    • Stay out of the sprayed zone for a maximum of 12 hours after application so as to let  the insecticide dry.
    • Ensure to wear protective gear made of cotton, buttoned up to the neck to keep your skin from being in contact with the medicine.
    • Wash the protective gear after every use.
  • Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide

    Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide -1Ltr

    KSh 1,950.00

    Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide -1Ltr

    The Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide is a selective herbicide designed for maize crops, offering both pre and early post-emergence control of weeds. It contains active ingredients like metalachlor, terbuthylazine, and mesotrione.

     This herbicide is effective against emerged broadleaf weeds, grasses (including shamva and wheat), and nut grass.

     It is recommended for use in maize farming to control insect pests like the Fall armyworm, suppress weeds, and manage diseases. 

    It is advised to conduct a nutrient analysis before planting maize, with specific recommendations for nutrient inputs such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen at different stages of growth.

    The active ingredients in Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide are metalachlor, terbuthylazine, and mesotrione

    Maximus 537.5 SE Maize Herbicide

  • Servian® 75wg  Herbicide Active Ingredient

    Servian 75wg Selective Herbicide 50G

    KSh 4,500.00

    Servian 75wg Selective Herbicide 50G

    Servian 75WG Selective Herbicide is a specialized herbicide designed for selective early post-emergence application to control weeds in crops like barley, wheat, maize, and sugarcane.

    Here is a summary of the product description based on the provided search results:

    • Active Ingredient: The active ingredient in Servian 75WG is Halosulfuron-methyl, present at a concentration of 750g/kg in the formulation. This active ingredient is crucial for inhibiting weed growth effectively.
    • Mode of Action: Servian 75WG is taken up by the weeds through the roots and shoots, moving within the plant via xylem and phloem. It accumulates in the plant and inhibits the plant enzyme aceto lactate synthase (ALS), disrupting the synthesis of essential amino acids needed for new cell growth.
    • Application Rate: The recommended application rate for Servian 75WG is 50g per hectare. This ensures optimal weed control efficacy while minimizing the risk of crop damage.
    • Target Weeds: Servian 75WG is particularly effective against yellow nutsedge, purple nutsedges, and certain broadleaf weeds in crops like barley, wheat, maize, and sugarcane..
    • Benefits: The herbicide rapidly inhibits the growth of susceptible weeds, providing efficient weed control. It can be used with a wetter to enhance its efficacy, ensuring better results in weed management.

    Servian 75WG Selective Herbicide is a valuable tool for farmers looking to effectively control weeds in their barley, wheat, maize, and sugarcane crops, offering selective post-emergence action and efficient weed management benefits.