Shangi Potato Seeds Price In Kenya

Shangi Potato Seeds Price In Kenya

Prices for certified potato seed tubers from approved merchants have typically ranged from around 2,500-4,000 Kenyan Shillings (about $20-35 USD) per 50kg bag.

Potato seed prices can vary based on factors like variety, quantity, location, and time of year.

Some general points about potato seeds/tubers in Kenya:

  • Shangi is one of the more popular potato varieties grown in Kenya along with Dutch Robyjn and Stephens.
  • The Kenyan government and organizations like the International Potato Center work to promote and distribute improved, certified potato seed tubers to farmers.
  • Potato is an important food crop in Kenya, with production concentrated in the highlands like Nyandarua, Nakuru, Elgeyo Marakwet and Meru counties.
  • Access to quality seed tubers has been an issue, with farmers sometimes using recycled tubers which can spread diseases.

But pricing can fluctuate based on supply and demand each season. For current local shangi potato seed prices, your best option would be to inquire with potato seed merchants or agricultural extension offices in the potato-growing regions of Kenya.

Where To Buy Shangi Potato Seeds In Kenya

To buy potato seeds in Kenya, you have several options. The National Potato Council of Kenya (NPCK) provides information on available seed producers and suppliers. FreshGrow and Viazi King in Narok and Nairobi are some such producer, offering certified seed potatoes

Another producer is Kisima Farm Limited, located in Tigoni, is a leading producer of certified seed potatoes, supplying smallholder farmers across the country. These sources offer various potato seed varieties suitable for different farming needs.

Others include FreshGrow and Viazi King

Shangi Potato Seeds Price In Kenya

If you’re looking for specific potato varieties or want to compare prices, platforms like Mkulima Young and Kilimo By Urban Fresh provide options for purchasing certified potato seeds, including the popular Shangi variety.

Furthermore, Agrico Potato Services Africa (PSA) offers certified Markies seed potatoes inspected by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), ensuring quality and disease-free seeds.

What Is The Difference Between Size 1 And Size 2 Potatoes Seeds?

Size 1 and Size 2 types of potatoes refer to specific grading standards based on the diameter of the potatoes. Size 1 potatoes must be not less than 1-1/2 inches in diameter, while Size 2 potatoes must be not less than 1-7/8 inches in diameter, unless otherwise specified in connection with the grade.

These grading standards are used to classify potatoes based on their size and quality, ensuring consistency in the market and helping consumers and businesses make informed decisions when purchasing potatoes.

Size 1 seeds are typically smaller and more preferred for planting due to their potential to cover large are and potentially higher yields, while size 2 seeds are larger and may be a cheaper choice for some farmers.

How Many Bags Of Size 1 And Size 2 Shangi Potatoes Required To Plan One Acre

To calculate the number of bags of size 1 and 2 potatoes required to plant one acre, are as follows:

  • For size 1:
    • Need 16-18 bags of 50kg each.
  • For size 2:
    • Need 20-22 bags of 50kg each.

Therefore, to plant one acre, you would need  between 16/18 bags of 50 kg seeds or 20/22 bags of 50kg seeds

Shangi Potato Seeds Price In Kenya

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