Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre

Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre

Unica potatoes are a variety of red-skinned potato that are not very commonly grown in the Kenya. They are known for their large size, sweet taste, and high yield per acre. Unica potatoes can yield up to 10-20 tons per acre in ideal conditions.

Unica is a red-skinned potato first released in Peru in 1998 by CIP. It is a high yielding variety that is high in vitamin C, iron, and zinc.

The planting season for unica potatoes is from March to May, while the harvest season is from September to November. The best soils for growing unica potatoes are well-drained, fertile, and slightly acidic.

Unica Potato Variety In Kenya

Unica is a potato variety that is commonly grown in Kenya. It is a popular variety due to its high yields and good disease resistance.

The variety is also resistant to drought and can be grown in a range of soil types. It is a medium-large tuber with a round shape and smooth skin.

 The flesh is white with a creamy texture, and it has a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Unica is often used for boiling, baking, and roasting.

Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre

Characteristics of Unica Potato Variety In Kenya

The Unica potato variety, which is well-suited for both lowlands and highland regions of Kenya, has oblong tubers with red skin, shallow eyes, and creamy flesh. It matures early in less than 3 months and grows to a medium height with strong stems, dark green leaves, and pink flowers.

Unica is moderately resistant to late blight and highly resistant to potato leafroll virus and potato virus X.

 This variety is versatile and can be used for making chips, crisps, and as a table variety. It is rich in vitamin C, iron, and zinc, making it a valuable addition to the Kenyan potato farming landscape.

How Does Unica Compare To Other High-Yielding Potato Varieties In Kenya

Unica is one of  high-yielding potato variety grown in Kenya. It is known for its high yield and good disease tolerance.

Compared to other high-yielding potato varieties, Unica is a relatively new variety that was introduced in Kenya in the last few years.

Other high-yielding potato varieties that are commonly grown in Kenya include Desiree, Shangi, and Markies. These varieties have been around for longer and are also well-suited to the Kenyan climate and soil conditions.

While Unica is a promising variety, it is important to consider available crops and their characteristics to choose the best variety for a particular farm or region.

Where To Buy Unica Potato Seed Variety Kenya?

To buy the Unica potato variety in Kenya, you can contact Kisima Farm Limited, which is Kenya’s leading producer of certified seed potatoes.

Kisima Farm produces over 3,000 tonnes of certified seed potatoes (including Unica) annually and supplies them to smallholder farmers.

They have a strategy that allows them to get seed to farmers in 18 months, significantly reducing the time compared to the normal 3-year period.

 You can reach out to Kisima Farm Limited by calling +254 716 968 766 to order the Unica potato variety

Unica Potato Variety Kenya Pictures

Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre
Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre
Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre
Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre
Unica Potatoes Yield Per Acre

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