Markies Potatoes Yield Per Acre

What Is Markies Potatoes Yield Per Acre?

The Markies potatoes have a high yield potential of 15-20 tons per acre, making them a productive choice for potato farming. Note that the actual yield for Markies potatoes could be higher or lower than these averages, depending on local growing conditions and farming practices.

This variety is known for its versatility in producing quality potatoes suitable for making French fries (chips) and crisps, which are highly valued by processors, hotels, and restaurants for their frying characteristics and taste.

Markies Potatoes Yield Per Acre

Markies Potato Seed is a popular and versatile variety known for its suitability for crisping and chipping of potatoes. It is in big demand all over Kenya, especially for French fries, and is high yielding.

The seed size 1 is priced at KES 84/kg and seed size 2 at KES 70/kg, with locations in Nairobi and Nakuru.

These potatoes have a yellow skin, take around 120 days to mature, and are suitable for various regions in Kenya. Markies have a high yield potential of 15-20 tons per acre, making them a productive option for potato farming.

They have a long tuber dormancy period of over 3 months and contain 23% dry matter, contributing to their quality and versatility in different culinary applications,

Key characteristics include;

  • Use: chips, table and crisps
  • Areas to be grown: suitable for all potato-growing regions
  • Maturity: late (>4 months)
  • Yield potential: high (15-20 tons/acre)
  • Tuber dormancy: long (>3 months)
  • Dry matter: 23%
What Is Markies Potatoes Yield Per Acre?

Where To Buy Markies Potato Variety Kenya

You can purchase Markies potato variety in Kenya directly from certified seed producer Agrico East Africa.

AGRICO are the main producers and supplier of Markies variety potato seeds. They focus on providing certified Markies seed potatoes that are grown in Nakuru, Kenya, and used across Eastern Africa to help farmers achieve more profitable potato farming

Markies is a variety of potato that is distributed locally in Kenya and used across Eastern Africa by farmers to achieve more profitable potato farming

Additionally, AGRICO EA offers knowledge transfer and practical training to farmers to enhance their agricultural practices and increase profitability.

 Agrico East Africa, a subsidiary of Agrico, multiplies and distributes Agrico’s potato varieties locally, including Markies, Destiny, and Manitou, to farmers in Kenya

Markies is specifically highlighted as one of the potato varieties that Agrico East Africa is actively involved in producing and distributing in Kenya.

Agrico EA also plays a role in assisting farmers to find markets for Markies potatoes. The company is involved in connecting farmers with buyers and processors.

Agrico’s involvement helps facilitate the marketing of Markies potatoes by providing a platform for farmers to access markets and sell their produce.

Agrico may offer support and guidance to farmers on best practices for cultivation and marketing strategies to enhance the visibility and saleability of their Markies potato harvests.

Why Plan Markies Potato Variety Kenya?

Markies is a highly sought-after potato variety in Kenya, particularly valued for its excellent frying characteristics and taste. It is widely used by processors, hotels, and restaurants for making French fries (chips) and crisps.

Agrico, a renowned potato seed producer, offers Markies potato seeds for sale, highlighting its popularity and demand in the Kenyan market.

Markies is classified as a main crop variety with exceptional long-term storability, making it an attractive option for growers and processors alike.

What Is Markies Potatoes Yield Per Acre?

Markies Potatoes Vs Shangi Potatoes

The key differences are:

  • Markies Potatoes are a Dutch variety, while Shangi Potatoes are a local Kenyan variety.
  • Markies have a white skin, while Shangi has a reddish-brown skin.
  • Markies have a firmer texture, while Shangi is slightly mealy.
  • Markies have a milder flavor, while Shangi has a slightly earthy flavor.
  • Markies have higher yields and better disease resistance compared to Shangi.
  • Markies are preferred for processed potato products like French fries and chips, while Shangi are commonly used for boiling, stewing, and frying.
  • Markies are more popular in urban areas of Kenya, while Shangi are more popular in rural areas.
CAN vs NPK Fertilizer for Potatoes
OriginDutch varietyKenyan local variety
Skin ColorWhiteReddish-brown
Flesh ColorYellowYellow
ShapeOval to Long OvalRound to Oval
TextureFirmSlightly mealy
FlavorMildSlightly Earthy
Maturity Period>120 days90-100 days
Disease ResistanceFairGood
Preferred UseFrench Fries, Chips, BakingBoiling, Stewing, Frying
AvailabilityYear-round, but mainly cool seasonMainly cool season
PopularityPopular in urban areasPopular in rural areas

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